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Lesley Dzintars, LPC-MH, QMHP
Lesley Dzintars, LPC-MH, QMHP
Lesley Dzintars, LPC-MH

Lesley is a licensed professional counselor in mental health, a qualified mental health provider, and certified Body Talk and HelioSol Practitioner.

Lesley believes therapy is primarily a tool to help clients on a journey of self-exploration and reflection. The role as a therapist is to engage in a collaborative journey with each client, teaching strategies, providing information and offering guidance along the path toward aligning with their inner wisdom.

A variety of issues can create barriers to a connection with our inner wisdom: depression and anxiety, anger, mental health disorders, trauma, addictions, relationship or parenting issues, life transitions, work stresses, day to day challenges and distractions. Therapy is also helpful when there is a desire for more joy and fulfillment with no conscious barriers.

Lesley has 20 years of experience treating mental health concerns ranging from major mental illnesses, addictions, relationship concerns and personal growth. Body Talk and HelioSol are holistic, consciousness-based healing modalities that enhance the body/mind complex’s ability to heal itself. Lesley offers these strategies if appropriate and the client is interested.

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