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At Chrysalis, we provide psychological evaluations that are helpful in clarifying a diagnosis, understanding the basis of many behavior problems, determining an individual’s specific strengths and weaknesses, and driving treatment decisions.

At Chrysalis, we believe that a sound assessment is essential to providing good treatment.  The psychologists at Chrysalis are highly qualified and provide objective opinions based on current, research-supported assessment practices.  When presenting for a psychological evaluation, you can expect to have a thorough assessment that explores all areas of a person’s cognitive, emotional and behavioral presentation.  Test instruments are chosen only after they have been proven through extensive research to provide accurate information, thereby minimizing the possible problems of an incorrect diagnosis.

At Chrysalis, our associates have the knowledge and experience needed to conduct a wide variety of psychological evaluations.  These include:

  • Learning Disorders
  • Intelligence and Cognitive Functioning
  • Memory
  • Emotional Disturbances
  • Personality Styles
  • Sexual Behavior Problems in Children
  • Sexual Problems in Adults

Many evaluations are needed to assist courts in legal matters.  The associates at Chrysalis are very experienced in conducting high-quality forensic evaluations that are fair, comprehensive and based on rulings of admissibility.  Common forensic evaluations are:

  • Competency to Assist In a Defense
  • Child Custody Determinations
  • Risk for Sexual Recidivism
  • Dangerousness to the Community
  • Psychosexual Evaluations
  • Case Review for Attorney Consultation
  • Rehabilitation Potential