A Group of Highly Experienced Independent Professionals

Who Provide a Wide Range of Therapeutic Services to Adolescents, Adults, Families and Couples

403 National Street Ste. 1 • Rapid City, South Dakota 57702 • (605) 341-8647 • Fax (605) 341-0489

A Full Range of Diagnostic and Assessment Services Available Including Those for Forensic Applications

Chrysalis Association is a group of licensed psychotherapists who maintain private practices and have a shared practice philosophy for treating individuals, couples and families.  People are provided respect, privacy and the best in clinical practice that is based on current research and a wealth of experience.  Whether you are seeking help for anxiety, depression, grief, family disruption, adjustment to changes in life’s circumstances or wishing to improve your marriage, our group of counselors, social workers, and psychologists are available to assist you.

phone: (605) 341-8647  fax: (605)341-0489


403 National Street, Suite 1, Rapid City, South Dakota

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Chrysalis was established in 1983.